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Our Values

Service: We lead with a commitment to each person’s highest potential.


Curiosity: We embody a beginner’s mind in every moment, experience, and interaction.


Joy: We infuse our days with lightness, zest, and fun.

Agency: We build autonomy over our inner world to transform our experience of life.


Integrity: Our words and actions align to our deepest sense of self.

Our Co-Founders

Chris Gueits


Chris is a full-time human.


He's dedicated his life to maximizing human potential, today by developing leaders from the inside-out (starting with himself) through RisOn. He designs tailored coaching programs, immersive experiences, and world-class communities dedicated to unlocking mental, emotional, and physiological well-being.


He is a committed meditator with over 1675 sessions and 20,215 minutes invested (including a streak of 480 consecutive days currently), an experienced facilitator of retreat and coaching spaces with over 700 hours contributed, and a skilled international community builder of on and offline spaces.

Also: First generation Cuban-American. High school entrepreneur. Princeton graduate. Ivy League champion. Roots of Hope co-founder. Teach for America educator. Tuck School of Business student. 13 Million Voices producer. Airbnb consultant.

Many words and none are the foundation for his value as a human.

Jon Hermida

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Jon Hermida has spent the past 15 years journeying into the heart of human potential, learning from some of the world’s foremost teachers of personal, professional and spiritual development.


He is an internationally recognized coach, facilitator, mentor and social impact entrepreneur on a mission to empower individuals and communities to embody their best self from the inside-out.  His coaching, workshops, and retreats have spanned four continents and impacted executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from top organizations including Paypal, Facebook, BCG, and Google.


Jon is an ICF credentialed coach and a Certified Deep Transformational Coach through the Center for Transformational Coaching and holds a BA in International Business and Marketing. 

When not immersed in his work, Jon is likely off adventuring somewhere in the world with his wife. 

By the Numbers

6 Retreats in 5 Months

19 Countries Represented

90% Men and Women of Color

6 Month Follow Up Program

2,000+ Hours of Introspection & Transformation

One Badass + World-Class Community

Our Story

Two Cuban-Americans, Jon Hermida & Chris Gueits have been balling together since high school in Miami.  


A 10 year intermission in their relationship ended for good when a chance encounter revealed their shared passion for life, personal transformation, and servant leadership.


The instant connection forged from parallel growth paths and heartbreak took deeper root through a coaching relationship, a 5 day retreat hiking through Peru’s Sacred Valley, and 6 weeks of living under the same roof in Berlin.


It became clear something was emerging to be co-created.


Then in 2018, Chris was approached at a friend's party with an unexpected request: to lead a retreat, just for the homies. It was divine inspiration and 6 weeks later, the King's Only Retreat was born.

The plan was one retreat.  Life had other ideas. 

The experience was so powerful and life-changing, it was clear they couldn't stop at one.  A day later, Chris & Jon sketched a back of the napkin plan for turning this one experience into a sustainable and scalable business.

RisOn was born.  
One retreat for Kings became three. Three retreats for Kings became three more for Queens. 


In the span of 5 months to close 2018, RisOn led 6 retreats and launched a personal Incubator program to solve our client's biggest challenge: integrating the work into daily life.


Now, RisOn is on a path to bring the power of precision personal development into anyone’s hands leveraging emerging technologies.

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