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RisOn Coaching

 A premium one-on-on life transformation space.

Premium Coaching + Lifetime Membership

RisOn is offering FOUR individuals the opportunity to receive a life-changing offer. 

SIX deep transformation coaching sessions with Jonathan Hermida,

plus unlimited RisOn Member Sessions forever and a RisOn Retreat: $5,000.

Meet RisOn's Elite Coach

Jonathan Hermida, PCC

"Rare" "Incredible" "Exceptional",   "Inspirational"  "Life-Transforming" 

For nearly a decade, Jon has transformed the lives of hundreds of people around the world-including entrepreneurs, executives, and 

leaders from top organizations- helping them to rediscover their power, purpose and true potential. 

Jon's deep coaching approach facilitates a profound self-discovery and inner connection that leads to the dissolving of fears, the healing of unresolved issues and the attainment of personal and professional goals that previously felt impossible. 

Working with Jon is considered a turning point in people's lives, marking a clear "before" and "after" in how they think, how they feel and how they show up in every area of their life. 

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Working one-on-one with RisOn escalated my development dramatically. 


I became more self-aware in a spiritual sense. I lost 16 pounds. I quit my high paying job that was causing a lot of anxiety in my life and started a company where I make more money than I made before.


I stopped having anxiety attacks. And I improved my relationship with many of my family members. I’m a happier person because of my investment.

Robert Esquivel,

CPG Consultant / Business Owner

Personal.  Focused.  Transformative. 

RisOn Coaching blends practical psychology, ancient wisdom and​ Mindfulness to facilitate profound inner change. 

This isn't surface level, get you from point A to point B sort of change. This is transform the way you show up, the way you see life, the way you interact sort of change.  

Uproot and dissolve limiting beliefs, and establish an inner foundation of unconditional well-being. 

This inner foundation becomes the gateway to maximize your potential in all the ways you most desire. 

We've coached executives and employees from some of the

biggest companies in the world

deutsche bank.jpg

Plus entrepreneurs and business owners of many more. 

matthias muller-lindenberg.jpg

Dr. Matthias Müller-Lindenberg,

Executive Leadership Coach

With Jonathan, not only did I find peace after disruptions of my private and professional life but also the space that allowed me to reinvent myself by arriving home within me.


Jonathan is an outstanding coach. My coaching experience with him is one of the absolute best of the many I have had in my life.

virginia jimenez.jpeg

Virginia Jimenez

Executive Recruiter + Wellness Trainer

There’s a clear distinction between being strategically coached (situations where the term ‘if this then that’ may apply) and experiencing transformation coaching that really helps you connect with the greatest part of yourself with the help of a coach.

What Jonathan provides is exceptional and transformative. If you have only experienced the strategic kind of coaching, then you haven’t really experienced transformative coaching. I have found there are few coaches that offer that experience. Jonathan is one of them.

chong hiu Pun.jpeg

Chong Hui Pun

Training and Knowledge Consultant

Jonathan is a rare coach and one of the best I’ve met. There are many people who claim they are a “coach”, but mostly are unprofessional and actually, not really qualified. 


Jonathan has deep life experience and is able to coach from a very deep and insightful perspective. I learned so much from him. He has benefited my life tremendously.

The time to level up is now.

4 Seats Available

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