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Community Standards
of Presence

Our Community Standards or Presence are the co-created commitments everyone who joins our sessions agrees to so that we maintain the safety and integrity of the space. 

These Standards allow you and everyone else that joins us to feel free to explore, share and support.

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By joining a RisOn Session you commit to...


Be Present

RisOn sessions are powerful and interactive.

In order to get the most out of the space and to respect everyone who's in the space, we ask that you are fully present throughout. 

Please refrain from multi tasking, silence all notifications and do your best to be as connected to the moment as possible. 


Maintain confidentiality.

Everything that is shared in the space, stays in the space. By joining a RisOn Session you commit to never sharing any confidential information anyone else in the space shares. 

Feel free to speak of your own experiences. 

Note: RisOn Sessions are recorded for quality purposes. No content will ever be shared without your expressed consent. 


Have an open heart and mind.

RisOn Sessions are about connection, healing and growth. In order for these three elements to be possible it is essential that you come with an open heart and mind. 

This means being willing to feel deeply, having a disposition to learn something new and committing to embodying a beginner's mindset. 


Listen deeply to what is being shared.

RisOn Sessions are community based and focused. A large part of what you get out of the space is the opportunity to learn from other people's lived experiences and earned wisdom. 

By listening deeply to what is being shared you give yourself an opportunity to forge new insights and opportunities for yourself. 

You also get to provide a healing and transformative space for others. 


Refrain from giving advice unless requested.

RisOn deeply believes in the wisdom each one of us has inside. Our spaces are intentionally designed for each person to be able to tap into and leverage that inner wisdom. 

By jumping in and giving advice, two things happen. First, we make the sharing about ourselves instead of about the person sharing. And second, we take away the other's opportunity to learn how to listen for and trust their own wisdom. 


Own my sharing by speaking in "I" statements.

Building off the previous Standard, every time we share we make sure to speak in "I" statements. 

We want to make sure that everyone that is in the space is taking ownership of what they're sharing rather than speaking in general or other directed language. 

"I don't like...." vs "Some people don't like..." or "You don't seem to like..."

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