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Welcome Hella [email protected]!

A RISON + HELLA [email protected] COLLAB

In 2020, RisOn's co-founders Chris & Jon were each interviewed by Odalys Jasmine for the Hella [email protected] Podcast (episode links: Chris & Jon).  Instantly, we knew we needed to work together.  We share a passion for the power of self-awareness, vulnerability, and serving first gen humans


In fact, they're pillars of who we are and the spaces RisOn creates every week for its members to pursue healing and growth.  So we decided to collab to create a 4 part audio series for the HL community.


HL has built a platform for first gen [email protected] to share their stories.  Now it's your turn.  With RisOn's trademark blend of mindfulness and guided introspection, take an active journey with us in uncovering and re-imagining your own story.



Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

A parting gift! Check out RisOn Sounds, our member curated playlist on Spotify. Updated weekly.

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