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Free RisOn Community Session

Moving Through Challenging Personal Relationships

Learn how to regain your power with those you care most about

October 17th 

8:45 PM EST


Parents, siblings, partners, friends, colleagues, bosses....the quality and the state of our personal relationships impacts the quality and the state of our lives. They're inextricable. 

Think about a challenging personal relationship in your life:


  • How much of your time, energy and attention is being consumed in thinking about, resisting or trying to manage that relationship. It's safe to say....A LOT.

  • And how does the quality of that relationship impact other areas of your life? Whether you're aware of it or not, it does. 

During this session we will be reflecting on a challenging relationship in your life from different angles. 


By the end of the session you will gain:
-Clarity around that relationship that will help you relate to it differently


-Practical tools and frameworks you can leverage to help you move through that relationship in a more empowered way. 

The RisOn Community 

RisOn is a virtual gym for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Our all-inclusive platform includes: 


  • Live and on-demand mental and emotional skills training

  • Real time coaching

  • A community of world-class men and women supporting each other to embody their best self. 

This session is a taste of one of our many offerings in the RisOn universe. 

We hope you enjoy! 

Chris Gueits and Jon Hermida


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