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Live Weekly Sessions

Mindfulness and Guided Introspection in service to healing, connection, and growth. 

RisOn Sunday Service 2020-01-12 at 1.24.

Our sessions offer members a space to:

  • unburden accumulated stress

  • develop key inner skills

  • process daily disruptions

  • reflect deeply on their needs

  • reconnect with themselves, community and life.

And no, we're not gathering on Zoom to just "talk it out" 

So, what's it like then?

A RisOn session is what happens when high impact, whole hearted people come together to unburden themselves, connect and practice key inner skills that help them to thrive in all aspects of life. 


All sessions are:

  • Intentional, Curated, and Facilitated. 

    This isn’t just a space to “talk”.  It's a well-being training experience designed with intention in every aspect of the session.


  • Dynamic and Interactive

    RisOn sessions are not passive.  You will have space to reflect and process on your own, with another person, and within the group. 


  • Safe and Inclusive
    We establish shared commitments before each session to make the experience safe and welcoming for all. 

    Our community is diverse, representing 20+ ethnicities and religious backgrounds.   You are welcome!

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Catalina Peña,

Career Coach, Catalyst Creation

What you guys have taught me has really helped me. Thank you for being supportive and always going above and beyond. I need to be a part of more sessions. This has really changed my life, in the way that I think and in the way that I’m able to handle things.


WhatsApp Image 2020-03-26 at 12.25.39 PM

Armand Navabi

Software Engineer, Google X

Thank you. I needed this today. I've been distracted with work. I've been busy and its kept me from meditating, working out and reading. I just forced myself to leave work in the middle of something to try to reset. Came home and tried a 10 min meditation but even that was difficult. Luckily I had you guys. Thanks fam. RisOn is killing it. Ya'll are helping me big time. 

melody estrada.jpg

Melody Estrada

Latinx Professional

I’m so grateful for a community that listens and genuinely cares. I'm so inspired and motivated to keep growing with y’all. Thanks for the invitation to the table and the constant nudge to join! 



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The RisOn app is our global digital home, where our community and content interact on a daily basis.

Train key inner skills, process daily disruption and elevate your life in our innovative offering that you'll find nowhere else.

Curated material aimed at helping you move through specific challenges when you need it most. 

Learn from and grow with some of the world's most exceptional humans- diverse leaders committed to elevating each other's lives.



*A limited number of seats are available at a discount by special request.



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Session Experience

Each session has a unique set of objectives, delivered through a mix of introspective exercises, including:

Grounding into Presence
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All sessions begin with a brief guided meditation that helps you to relax, unwind and be more present.

One-on-One Convos
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 1.28.52 PM.png

In each session members have an opportunity to connect with each other during curated one-on-one convos,

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 1.35.25 PM.png

Each session has a space for members to intentionally and individually reflect on and process what they're moving through.

Group Interactions
Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 10.28.54 PM.pn

Finally, there's always space for individuals to share in the larger group. This part is facilitated to clarify points and to help those sharing to process as needed. 

On Demand Content

Moments of disruption can strike at any time.


To support our members in real time, we offer several types of on demand content:

Guided Introspections

Guided Meditations

Mindful Movements

Session Recordings

With more coming soon.

World-Class Community

A collection of whole-hearted humans representing 

20+ countries and 90% Millenial POC.

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We Are RisOn

Hilda Perez

Social Impact Entrepreneur, Salud


Thank you to Jon and Chris for creating a space where we are seen, heard and healed as diverse professionals and entrepreneurs.


I have been a client for a year and a half and the emotional tools I have received have made me a better business partner, friend, daughter, and woman. Thank you.

Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Has Never Been More Important

Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Has Never Been More Important