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New Cohort Begins June 2019


(v3 beta)

An All-Inclusive Membership Platform

for Your Entire Wellbeing Journey

Why Join?

You're ambitious. You have big goals you're looking to accomplish in life.


You're seeking inner peace. Mental and emotional well-being is essential to you.  

You're growth-oriented. You consistently seek spaces that help you become your best self. 

You value community.  You want to surround yourself with people who understand you and can hold you to a higher standard. 


Alejandra Endara,  Brand Marketing Manager 

This experience shook a deep foundation within me, gave me insights to redefine my beliefs of what life is and helped me manage my ongoing inner chatter. I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to invest in their growth, define their unique path and be part of a soul raising community.


What's Included? 

Expert Training

Live weekly virtual classes designed to train the most important aspects of your mind, emotions and spirit,

all aimed at helping you embody your best self.  

Real Time Coaching

Consistent and real time support by our expert coaches in group, one-on-one, and chat spaces to help you move through whatever challenge you're facing at any time of the day. 

World Class Community

Learn from and grow with some of the world's most exceptional people: diverse leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors and executives, committed to elevating each other's lives. 

Precision Tracking

Take your inner world and make it visible.  Understand your growth and track your progress. Quantitative data to help you overcome recurring life issues and prepare you to meet daily moments of disruption. 

Open Path

Two Class Types

Three Classes Per Month

Basic Tracking

Two Paths Choose One

Committed Path

All Four Class Types

Unlimited Classes Per Month

Advanced Tracking


Monthly Reports

Class Types

RisOn’s live weekly classes are divided into four types:



A space to explore the mental models and philosophies around maximizing your potential.



A group coaching space to move through the blocks and limitations preventing you from achieving what you want.



A space to slow down and drop beneath the surface in order to get a more accurate view on yourself, your challenges and life.



A space to strategize, implement and be held accountable to achieving the goals you’re after.


Our inner worlds - thoughts, beliefs, emotions, habits, behavior patterns - dictate the experience of our lives.  Too often, this inner world is invisible.  We make this world visible and bring accountability to your growth journey.  


RisOn makes two types of tracking available based on your Path:

Basic Tracking

Basic Tracking includes

participation and engagement data:

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 9.29.18 AM.png

Included in Open Path

Advanced Tracking

+ Monthly Report (10+Pages)

Basic Tracking PLUS

  • Self-awareness data

  • Well-being data

  • Progress data

  • A monthly report with coaching observations & questions for reflection.

Included in Committed Path




Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 11.35.57

Open Path:

  • Your choice of any 2 class types. Your choices cannot be changed for 3 months.

  • Sessions do not accumulate. They must be used each month. 

Access at the price of a daily coffee!  

Our Guarantee
Try RisOn for 30 days.
We stand behind our work.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will return your monthly membership fee.*

Are You a HELL YES!?

Are you a HELL YES and also facing financial hardship?
We're accepting applications for those who are committed to the work and truly *need* financial support. Space is limited. 
Apply Here. 



Xavier del Rosario, Head of

Finance and Business Operations

This was truly one of the greatest experiences I've ever had -- one full of enlightenment, stronger bonds (both new and old), mindfulness, and general openness. I'm extremely grateful for the men that decided to partake in this journey with me, and for Jon and Chris who crafted such an amazing experience. Thank you guys, seriously. 


Nastassia Luisis,

Real Estate Consultant

Imagine having a team helping you become aware of your blind spots, helping you see see what you cannot see for yourself so that you can better step into your power and accomplish the goals you have for yourself.  I feel  like I’m learning something knew about myself every single day and growing faster than I ever have before and better yet I feel seen and supported in everything that I do.


Barry Breaux,  Physician

The bonds we formed in such a short period of time enforces the notion that connection, belonging, and storytelling are central to finding fulfillment and meaning in life.  Everything we did was simple yet extremely powerful, acting as a reminder of reasons and ways to live in alignment with one's values.

Questions? Reach out! 

Thanks! We'll be in touch!

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